A tie for a Hip-Hop Star & a Pharmacist

Now you might think we are talking about two different people, but nope, this is R-Mean, a pharmacist who decided to heal people through music rather than through medication. Besides R-Mean’s music, he also has several business ventures, one of them The Pentagon LA, a street fashion retail store, and is also very much involved in his community; standing up for Human Rights, raising awareness about social issues, doing fundraisers for local schools and much more. He often times refers to Hip-Hop as “voice of the voiceless” and his music never shies away from discussing the issues of our days.

Living such a versatile lifestyle, from concert halls, stages, appearing on TV and news, to high profile business meetings, he told us that he loves wearing Erebuni Ties: “when I rock these ties, I get to stay creative, and be true to myself as an artist and show my character, and yet remain professional in more conservative settings or at these Hollywood events”. For that, we thank you!

R-Mean has an amazing project on the way, so if you’re into Hip-Hop, make sure to follow him on Spotify HERE. Best of luck!

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