Sevan Rug

Say hello to the Sevan Rug. The vibrant blue comes from Sevan Lake, but this kind of rug is very special in its meaning. These are 2 different versions of the same rug. Both have their own unique details on them which requires some serious exploration. But all in all, the dominant symbol in the middle of the rug symbolizes a shield, which in turn carries the meaning of protection. Many times, these rugs were not placed on the ground, but rather in the center of the house, in order to protect it from any threat/negativity in the world from the household. The color blue often times also symbolizes water, which is considered a source of life, while the red in often cases symbolizes fire and earth. These rugs are meant to instill an inspirational energy in a household, having the newly formed family feel safe, protected, and hopeful of the future. 

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